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Empire's trip to Grosvenor House, Ashford for a day of adventurous activities.

SATS is over!! Well Done to Empire class for their effort and determination this week. Celebratory pizza was enjoyed by all!

Empire class modelling their Maya headdresses!

Empire class modelling their Maya headdresses!  1

We followed a recipe to make Maya Corn Tortillas. We enjoyed eating them with salsa and guacamole. Yum!!

Whole class science investigation- Testing the reactivity of magnesium, zinc, copper and iron using hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, nitric acid and ethamnic acid.

More spectacular homework by Empire class . Such creative ideas and variety of materials used. Well Done!

Term 1 displays

Term 1 displays 1
Term 1 displays 2
Term 1 displays 3
Term 1 displays 4
Term 1 displays 5
Term 1 displays 6
Term 1 displays 7
Term 1 displays 8
Term 1 displays 9
Term 1 displays 10

Mrs Kirkness and Mrs Smith were blown away by the standard and effort put into the mountain homework. Well Done Empire!

Using all our strength to separate Magdeburg spheres!

Effervescent Rocker Poppers

On Tuesday 27th September our Sports Leaders went to St. Mary of Charity for their inital training.

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