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Nests around school


Of the Blue Tit brood of 6 eggs, 4 hatched and the youngsters fledged over the weekend.

The Blackbird and Thrush youngsters  fledged (left the nest) last month.



Sadly, over the weekend, a male House Sparrow invaded the Blue Tit nest box, removed some eggs and caused the adults to desert the nest. Having taken advice we have cleared the old nest materials and already a new nest is being built. Hopefully we will have another brood this season.


As well as the Blue Tit eggs in the webcam nest box we also have a Blackbird nest in the friendship house (which is why this is taped off at the moment) and a Song Thrush nest, with eggs, just outside Discovery.


With the development of the Forest School area we will soon be creating a 'Wildlife' page on the website to showcase the biodiversity of the school site.

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