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This term in Year 4 our topic is 'The Egyptians!'. There are so many different and interesting things to learn about the Ancient Egyptians. Feel free to research any areas that really interest you as the term progresses. 

Remember, we have P.E every Monday and Thursday, please make sure you have a P.E kit including trainers for outdoor P.E too (especially now we are in the Summer Terms and have an enormous enclosed field to use).

Thanks, Mrs Harmer


Looking at leaves through a microscope

Broad Bean Seed Germination

Drawing and Painting Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Topic Classroom Egyptians Background Display

Disappearing Polystyrene Block!

Carbon Dioxide Trough and Elephant's Toothpaste Demonstration

Materials Circus Investigation - Solid, liquid or gas?

Science Investigation thixotropic 'MESSY' substance!

World Book Day Mr Men and Little Miss Mini Books

Smart Putty Demonstration

Safer Internet Day

Excited Russet Class get a newspaper delivery (First News)

The 'Whoosh bottle' demonstration

Still image for this video
When 40ml of methylated spirit was added to the large jar and shaken there was only 25ml of liquid left when poured out. We thought that some had changed from liquid to gas - look what happened when a burning splint was lowered in. We then had some evidence of a chemical reaction (using 4 of our senses)...

Drama - Solid, liquid or gas particles

PE - Tri-Golf Putting Practice

RE - The Story of the Epiphany (Christianity) Three Wise Men

Particle Theory Classroom Display

Year 4 Spring 1 2017 Stop The Press Curriculum Letter

Some Term 2 displays

Russet Class are going to the Roman Museum on the Bus on Monday 19th December 2016. They must arrive at school at 8:30am. Please read the letter above for more information. We cannot wait to see lots of Roman artefacts!

Roman Museum Canterbury Letter

Making Christmas Snowman baubles

The Sun, Earth and Moon - Investigating why we have day and night

Creating the Solar System on a MUCH smaller scale!

Making French Xmas Cards

In one of our Topic lessons this term, we learnt about the story of Boudicca and The British Resistance. As part of our lesson we acted out parts of the story in freeze frames. We had to think about the main characters and what they were doing at different points in the story. Take a look at our freeze frame photos below...

Boudicca and The British Resistance Freeze Frames

Parachutes - Investigating Air Resistance

Making Roman Catapults

Using Logo to program in Computing

Magnetic Circus and Gauss Gun

Robot Algorithms Computing

Term 1 displays

Term 1 displays 1
Term 1 displays 2
Term 1 displays 3
Term 1 displays 4
Term 1 displays 5
Term 1 displays 6

Investigating Friction - Newton Meters and Silk Scarf Demonstration

Egg and Flask Demo and Glass and Card Demo

Year 4 Autumn 1 2016 Forces Curriculum Letter

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