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Welcome to our Year 4 class page. Check back here every week to find out what we have been learning about and to see our latest photos.

Each term you will also find a curriculum letter explaining what we will be learning about and the term's homework.


Our P.E sessions will be on a Friday afternoon, please make sure you a have full P.E kit including; T-shirt, shorts (and tracksuit bottoms/leggings for outdoor Autumn/Winter P.E) and trainers for outdoor P.E, this will allow us to make the most of our P.E time slots. Thank you


We will have a weekly Ninja Maths timed test every Tuesday afternoon and a weekly Spellings test every Wednesday morning.



Mrs Harmer, Mrs Smith, Mrs Hogan, Miss Surrey and Miss Thompson



Making Egyptian Funerary Masks - Paper Mache and Painting White

Making Egyptian Funerary Masks - Cardboard cutting and shaping templates

Writing Hieroglyphics on Papyrus

Making Egyptian Papyrus Paper

Sporting Achievement

Sporting Achievement  1 Marcus Yr 4 Boys Cross Country 2nd Place in Comp.

Science - Convection Spirals

Clay Birds Corridor Display

Galileo's Rolling Ball and Spring Toy Demonstration

Water Cycle Diagrams Classroom Collage Display

Making Mountain Dioramas - Mod Roc Stage

Making Mountains Dioramas - Basic Structures

Science Homework Projects

Science Homework Projects 1 Digestive System made from newspaper & fabrics
Science Homework Projects 2 Digestive System Model made using plasticine

Hot Air Balloon Display - The BFG

Hot Air Balloon Display - The BFG 1
Hot Air Balloon Display - The BFG 2
Hot Air Balloon Display - The BFG 3
Hot Air Balloon Display - The BFG 4

Music - ABBA - Using Glockenspiels

Maths - Cylinder Hunt

P.E - Alphabet Challenge (Making Words)

Calculating Food Miles

Science - Labelling Human Lungs

Science - Labelling Human Lungs 1

Tasting Spaghetti Bolognese

Ingredients in Spaghetti Bolognese

Maths - Measuring Circumference

Maths - Measuring Diameter

Maths - Using Compasses

Making Entrance Corridor Display - Gruffalo

Testing Concrete Investigation

Soda Snake Demonstration

Children In Need - Spotty Day!

RE - Christianity - Sketching Canterbury Cathedral

Ordering Roman Historical Timeline of Events

Melting Chocolate Investigation

Calcium Carbide Demonstration

Robots and Algorithms

Year 3 and 4 Fire Safety Workshop

Nutcracker Ballet Movements - Dance

Finished Roman Coins with Relief portrait carved

Painting Roman Coins

Poetry Day - Soundscape Workshop

Nappy Hydrogel Demo

Rosh Hashannah - Trying apples dipped in honey

Data and Measure Maths

Data and Measure Maths 1 Weighing baked beans in grams
Data and Measure Maths 2 Feeling the weight of 1 gram (1g)

Rosh Hashannah Crown Shaped Bread

Data and Measure Maths Lesson

Baking Soda and Vinegar Demo

Crazy Chemicals Display

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