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Bramley - Year 3

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Welcome to Bramley Class!



Please ensure that you listen to your child read every night and that they have their PE kit in school.  PE will be on outdoors on Wednesdays and indoors on Thursdays.

Forest school will be on Friday afternoons, (groups and weeks below) please ensure that when it is your child's session that they have appropriate clothing. This includes long trousers and a thick long sleeved top, sturdy hiking boots or wellies and waterproofs as the children will be in the forest in all weathers.


Your child's individual spellings are set, and tested on Monday morning. In addition, our timed Ninja Maths tests are on Thursday afternoons so please help your child practice for these to achieve their next goals! (Link to printable sheets below)




We hope you enjoy sharing our school journey this year.


Mrs Marsh, Miss Last, Miss Surrey, Miss Keeler



Term 1 'Space'


 This term is a very exciting term for all the children and adults they are lucky enough to work with! Double the teachers surprise A year they'll remember!

The children will be learning all about the journey of Neil Armstrong and his fellow astronauts through the small part of the Galaxy they travelled 50 years a go! A long time for the children to imagine, adults a scarily short period of time for all the technological advances occurring. They will be producing creative writing,  which we cannot wait to read cool, learning the order of the planets closest to the sun, designing their own crazy planets and informing us all by writing their own newspaper reports. Our space topic will also be taught through science and the children will have opportunities to explore the world beyond our reach in more depth. 



We would like to take this opportunity to invite you into school on Thursday 17th October to watch your

child perform and share all they have learnt in their first term in Key Stage Two! 

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Take a look at our stunning start to space! 
We have been getting creative making planets of all different sizes and compared them to each other. 
We have also been looking at the distance between all of the planets using toilet roll! Each small square represented 10,000,000 km. 
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We have learnt all about Neil Armstrong and his journey to the moon 50 years ago. We used all the facts we discovered to write a newspaper article about the amazing historic moment. Take a look at our display and some of our beautifully presented work. We know that Neil Armstrong worked for NASA and had to train for 7 years before being allowed to venture to the moon - the time it takes us to complete our primary school journey!
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Investigating day and night in science

We have designed and created our own aliens that really are out of this world!

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We had trained life saving professionals help up understand how defibrillators, show us a demonstration of CPR and let us have a go on a blow up person ourselves. Have a look at what we got up to for restart a heart day 2019! 

We have completed many of our homework tasks this term and are super proud!

Term 2 'Victorians'


This term the children will be learning all about how life used to be in their own local town. From 1837 to 1901 under the rule of Queen Victoria the children will be exploring how different a child's life was compared to the luxury of their own. We will be investigating toys, buildings and transport changes over the years. Even down to the flushing toilet, what a wonderful thing to keep us clean! They will be producing chronological reports on Queen Victoria herself, designing, making and evaluating art pieces in the style of William Morris, all in time for Christmas wrapping paper! 




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We spent time studying William Morris's stained glass windows in order to produce our own to brighten up our classroom!

We spent time studying William Morris's stained glass windows in order to produce our own to brighten up our classroom! 1

Our adults are absolutely delighted that we're in Key Stage Two now because our handwriting is beautiful! We all try really hard to produce the correct tall and long letters, as well as making sure each line starts and finishes on the line. 


Here are the children who have already got their pen license in the first term of Year 3!

Well done to; Charlie Hinkley, Maisie Fields, 

During our topic about the Victorians we have learnt about rich and poor Victorian children. I think all of Bramley Class have decided they would rather have been a rich Victorian child and go to school, rather than be sent to the workhouse!


Following on from this we have made some Victorian inspired peg dolls, which was a popular children's toy during the Victorian era.

Take a look at our peg dolls...



Peg Dolls

Peg Dolls 1
Peg Dolls 2
Peg Dolls 3
Peg Dolls 4
Peg Dolls 5
Peg Dolls 6
Peg Dolls 7
Peg Dolls 8
Peg Dolls 9
Peg Dolls 10
Peg Dolls 11
Peg Dolls 12
Peg Dolls 13
Peg Dolls 14
Peg Dolls 15
Peg Dolls 16
Peg Dolls 17
Peg Dolls 18
Peg Dolls 19
Peg Dolls 20
Peg Dolls 21
Peg Dolls 22
Peg Dolls 23

Yay!! We have earnt our pen licences!!

Yay!! We have earnt our pen licences!! 1
Yay!! We have earnt our pen licences!! 2

We had a fantasitc day at Kent Life! We took part in lots of different activties such as: candle making, exploring Victorian toys, acting out 'A Christmas Carol' and we even had time to look at some of the animals.

Term 3 - Hawaii

This term our class topic is Hawaii. Through discussions with the children we have come up with some questions we would like to answer:

When was Hawaii discovered?

What is the weather like there?

How long would it take to travel from England to Hawaii?

Do Hawaiian people eat chocolate?

Which animals live on the land and sea?

We are all very excited to work together to answer these questions. We will also be eating some Hawaiian fruits, learning a Hawaiian dance and making flower garlands. 

Other news

Bramley Class would like to say a big congratulations to Miss Last on the birth of her baby. We will miss her but hope that she enjoys her maternity leave! 

On Wednesdays Mrs Harrison will be teaching Bramley Class. The children will be taking part in both indoor and outdoor PE lessons each week. Please make sure your child has an outdoor and an indoor PE kit in school each week.

Many thanks


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