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Bramley - Year 3

Welcome to Bramley Class!


This year, Bramley Class are lucky to have two teachers; Mrs Harmer on a Monday and Tuesday and Miss Last on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We also have the two fantastic Teaching Assistants; Mrs Hogan and Mr Grainger and Miss Davidson throughout the week.


On this page you will find updates showing what fun and interesting things we have been getting up to in our class bubble.


A couple of reminders:

- We are trying to limit the amount of things travelling between home and school so please do not bring in toys etc from home.

- Your child will need a named water bottle in school which will be sent home daily.

- Tuesday and Friday are our PE days, please make sure your child comes in wearing suitable outdoor PE kit. This term it is Athletics and Cricket.


If you have any questions, please ring the office and we will do our best to answer them for you!


Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during these unprecedented times this academic year.





Welcome letter, for your information

Class Drawing Book Cover Competition

Glockenspiel Performances

Playing Pentatonic Scales and Melodies with Glockenspiels

Computing - Programming with Scratch

Finished Christmas Cards

Making Christmas Cards

Christmas Class Lunch in the Hall 14.12.20

Peppermint Cream Making and Decorating Biscuits

Finished Christmas Wreaths

Making Christmas Wreaths

Bramley Christmas Tree Decorating

Computing Week 5 - Networks: Journey of a File

Geography Using a Compass to learn about Compass Directions

Virtual Basketball Competition

Computing Lesson - Our School Network

Term 2 Maths Week 1 Geometry finding infinity

This term Bramley Class have made Kandinsky inspired abstract art tote bags, we used fabric pens as our medium.
Each class took part in a virtual football competition, we had a lot of fun!

Week 4 Tennis and Football Skills Competition Practice

Maths Week 3 - Reasoning (Difference between) Real Life Word Problem

Week 3 Maths Reasoning with Number Bonds

We have had the chance to look at a real vacant wasp nest

We've had 4 1 6 5 1 Visitors