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Discovery Class

Mrs Parker - Class Teacher

Miss Keeler - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Starkey - 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cameron - 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Segar - 1:1 Teaching Assistant


Gala Class

Mrs Springett - Class Teacher

Miss Harris - Teaching Assistant

Miss Springett - 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Segar - 1:1 Teaching Assistant 


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Term 5

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Term 4

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Term 3

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Art Day - Exploring warm and cold watercolours

Term 2 - 

Nativity song lyrics

Christmas Jumper and Dinner Day

Christmas in the Forest

This term has a History Theme. We have been learning about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot. At the start of term we compared life now to life in 1605. We have been referring to this learning throughout the term as we have been constantly noticing ways that life 400 years ago is different to life now, such as communication.

As part of our learning, we have been creating story maps to show the history of Guy Fawkes' life, acting out what we have learnt, looking at evidence to prove facts and writing diary entries using what we have learnt to write from Guy Fawkes' point of view.


This term we linked some of our Art and English learning to our History Theme as we have been learning that fireworks are significant to remembering The Gunpowder Plot. In Art, we used everyday objects (toilet roll tubes and straws) to print firework shapes and patterns. In English, we spent time describing fireworks with our senses and wrote firework poems. 

Term 1 - 

This term has a Geography Theme. We have been learning the difference between the urban, coastal and rural parts of Kent. As part of our learning, we have been identifying the physical and human features of these places. To aid our learning, we have been on two trips: one to Oare to explore the coastal elements at the boatyard and the other to Canterbury to explore the urban elements.  



We had a brilliant time in Canterbury, exploring the urban features and comparing them to the rural and costal places in Kent. We travelled to and from Canterbury on the bus which was great fun!

Whilst we were at boatyard, we explored the coastal element of our Geography. We also linked our visit with a study of Max Ernst who is known for the technique Frottage. This is where rubbings are taken from uneven surfaces to create a piece of art.

Celebrating Black History - Marcus Rashford

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