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Discovery -Year 2

Welcome to Discovery Class!


A couple of reminders:

- We are back to taking book bags home and I have a little treat for children when they read at home everyday

- Your child will need a named water bottle in school which will be sent home daily

- Thursday is our PE day, please make sure your child comes in wearing suitable outdoor PE kit


Here's to an amazing year together! I can't wait to see what we achieve together. Check back here regularly to see pictures of all the fun things we have been up to! 

Mrs Mankelow (Miss Standing) and Mrs O'Brien

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Term 6

Term 5

Discovery's Garden

Under the watchful eye of Mrs O'Brien we have been making some great progress on our garden. The flowers are blooming and the vegetables are growing! Watch this space...

We may not have managed many pictures this term but we have been very busy with SATs prep. However, we did find time to have some yummy breakfast to power our brains for our SATs tests. Mrs M and Mrs OB were so proud of how we coped and how hard we tried.

Life Cycles

This term our subject focus is Science. To start off with, we have been looking at the topic 'animals including humans'. As we are lucky enough to have tadpoles in our outside area, we focused on their life cycle and studied how they are growing. We worked in small groups to take information from a video about frogs and put them into our own words. They have gone up onto our display board and we have also done a human life cycle too.

Maisie the dog

We are lucky enough this term to have some time with Maisie the therapy dog and her owner. We have been learning all about her and feeding her treats.

Term 4

End of term!

We had a lovely last day of term together (with Easter eggs of course). Thank you to everyone who made it to the end of term!

Easter bonnets

Well done to our Easter bonnet competition winners! It was wonderful to see everyone making such an effort.

Competition Winners

As a school we are taking part in an 'Eco Pledge'. We have started by making poster to remind people to turn off the lights when they are not in the room and to turn off the board when they don't need it. The Year 6 teacher picked two winners from each class. Our winners were Francis and Evelyn!


Our focus subject his term is Geography and we are looking at South Africa as a contrasting place to England. We have been comparing different elements of the two countries and we have been researching different animals using the chromebooks.

World Book Day

We had the best World Book Day together this year. Thank you to all the effort you put into your costumes. We absolutely smashed our performance to the school and a special shout out to Francis who read his whole 6 page story in front of the whole school. He read it so beautifully and we are so proud of him.

Term 3


We have had an incredibly busy term being creative. We have produced some beautifully made pouches in DT, experimented with different Art skills and learned how to use a word document to present a story. We have also rewritten a traditional tale: Jack and the Beanstalk. We decided to give our stories a twist by changing one of the characters or the beanstalk itself! Some of our stories are really long!

Art: Art and Design Skills

For our third creative subject we have been looking at is Art. We have been focusing on different art and design skills such as shading, drawing for pleasure, adapting shapes, painting strokes. We started by learning to create long sweeping brush strokes using thick paint. We then applied this in a piece of art work based on Clarice Cliff's concentric circles. We used paper plates and created circles using the long sweeping brush strokes and then blew very watery paint over the top to create tree shapes. Everyone got the giggles when it didn't work but we kept going and we got there in the end. It was great fun!

Music: Playing along to a traditional tale

For our second creative subject we were accompanying traditional tales with music. We considered different instruments and adapted our tempo (speed), dynamics (volume) and timbre (the characteristics of the sound) to suit the different parts of the Jack and the Beanstalk story.

DT: Making pouches

For the first week of term we have been looking at DT: Textiles. We learnt the running stitch and used it to make a felt pouch.

Term 2

Christmas in the forest

As an end of term treat we got to go into the forest for another whole afternoon and do a scavenger hunt with clues! Mrs Mankelow came too and read our class book in the hammock.

We really enjoyed our Christmas lunch this year...we are so glad that we made it!

Diary Entries

This term our focus has been History. Throughout the term we have been gathering information to inform our final piece of writing: diary entries.  We wrote diary entries as if we were Guy Fawkes. We had great fun getting into character!

In the first week of term Mr Rees came to teach us and we got to play Dodgeball for a competition against other houses in the school.

Giant Firework Art

This week we have started our History topic looking at how Bonfire Night started. We have made a back drop for our display board with pastels. Can you guess what it is?

In Data and Measure this term we are looking at measuring. First we looked at length. We used different resources to measure different lengths around the classroom.

Remembrance Day

We celebrated Remembrance Day by making poppies. This picture was taken by Francis.

Term 1

We had 3 amazing weeks exploring our forest school. We made Mrs O'Brien a get well soon picture out of leaves and we have started reading a new book just for forest school by Enid Blyton called The Faraway Tree.


We have been lucky enough to celebrate 4 birthdays this term and we enjoyed a lot of cake!

Symmetrical butterflies

One of our Maths topics this term was symmetry. To start with we found it really tricky so we looked at butterflies and how they are symmetrical.  We made our own symmetrical butterflies by finger painting patterns on one side and folding them in half.

Herne Bay High sports tournament

In the last week of term we were lucky enough to go and join lots of other schools at Herne Bay High to learn some basketball skills. We had a great time and represented our school BRILLIANTLY!

Our writing

Over the last term we have done some amazing writing. We have written stories based on our dragon book and information leaflets about Kent. We are working hard towards our writing targets and on producing display worthy final pieces of writing.

We ended our term with some much deserved down time and some Halloween activities.

Our amazing displays

We have worked phenomenally hard this term and produced some wonderful display work. Our classroom looks incredible thanks to all the hard work you have all put in. THANK YOU!

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