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Empire -Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 and Empire Class



Empire class has PE lessons on a Monday and Friday. Please ensure your child comes to school these days dressed in a full outdoor PE kit.


We look forward to a successful and happy year.


Ms Marsh, Mrs Kirkness, Mrs Andrews and Mrs Hill


Recommended Reading Book List 

Click on the link below to find a list of books you might like to read. 

TERM 6 - Science, DT, RSE

Evolution and Transition

It’s finally here…the last term in primary school for our year 6 pupils.  This term in Empire Class we will be spending a considerable amount of time on preparing the children for their transition. We will have workshops, role-play scenarios, discussions, debates and informal chats whereby we can hopefully answer any questions that may arise.

Other subjects this term:
Science – evolution and adaptation
DT – textiles
RSE- Puberty and the changing body
Wellbeing – mindfulness and managing change
Computing – programming and Scratch
PE - Swimming (Tuesdays) and athletics (Friday)

Forest School - Thursdays

Geography - Ordnance Survey Symbols


This term the children will be learning about rocks and soils in their science lessons. They will be thinking about questions such as: what do different rocks look like? Where are the rocks in the UK? How are rocks formed? How hard are different rocks? How are fossils made? What are soils made from? 

In art, the children will be learning about macro monochromatic photography and creating images inspired by Edward Weston. 

ART - Photography inspired by Edward Weston

Making fossils using salt dough

Investigating rocks - scratch test

Investigating rocks - permeable or impermeable?

Empire Class researched information about a rock then they wrote a non-chronological report about it.

Starburst Rocks and our science display

ART - continuous line drawings

Term 4- History- The Tudors, RE and RSE

Archery Enrichment

History - comparing Canterbury Cathedral and Faversham abbey by measuring their dimensions

Gargoyle inspired art

Macbeth - creating a storyboard and puppets at Canterbury College

Canterbury College - Basic First Aid Training

History Skills: ordering events and looking for historical clues on a map of Faversham

Canterbury Cathedral visit - linked to the dissolution of the monasteries

Chance to Shine visitors - Joe Denly and Megan Belt

World Book Day - paired reading with Chiffchaffs

Term 4 curriculum letter

Canterbury Cathedral Letter

In term 4, Empire Class will be learning about the Tudors, particularly the dissolution of the monasteries. We will be visiting Canterbury Cathedral and the surrounding area. We will be looking at Tudor buildings as well as using secondary historical sources. The aim will be to improve our historical knowledge of a significant event in British history.   

In RE this term, we will be discussing the question: If God is everywhere, why go to a place of worship?

Term 3 - Music, Computing and Art 

Narrative poems inspired by traditional tales

Discussion - Should computers replace teachers?

Willow Pattern Art

Music - Pentatonic Scale

Computing - Algorithm Art


This term we will be learning about the pentatonic scale and composing our own melodies in music.

In computing, we will be naming the parts inside a computer.

In RE we will be discussing what it means to be a Muslim in Britain today. 

How many computer components can you name?

End of Term 2 - Visit to Davington Church 

Look at the pictures below to see us learning about the nativity. 

Empire were invited to Davington Church on Wednesday 8th December for a Christmas Experience. The children learnt the Christmas story and how Christians celebrate Christmas through interactive, discussion-based activities led by Rev Daniel and a group of volunteers. 

Art - Portraits inspired by the artist Kathe Kollwitz

Investigating Electrical Circuits


Term 2 - This term will be focusing on electricity.

In science, we will be investigating electrical circuits. We will also be designing and making a game containing an electrical circuit as part of our D.T learning. 

Term 1 Welcome Letter



Our Learning Journey this term is Geography: We will be learning about the country of Nepal.

Firstly, we will be revising our knowledge of Kent, the differences between Great Britain, the British Isles and the United Kingdom.

We will  be improving our geographical skills by: reading maps; using a key; using geographical vocabulary such as urban, rural, coastal, longitude, latitude; asking relevant questions; using compass points for locating places; knowing the difference between human and physical features and using this knowledge to identify features of locations. 

We will spend time learning about Nepal and focusing on the following broader geographical questions:

  • Where is Nepal?
  • What is it like to live there?
  • How can we find out what it is like in Nepal? 


Watch this space to find out about our geographical learning journey!


What do you know about Nepal?

Tasting food eaten in Nepal. We made flat breads and tasted dahl and rice.

Map Work

We had a visitor come into school and show us some of their souvenirs from Nepal

We have been colour mixing and recording how we made the different tones. We will be using this information so that we can replicate the colours in the future

We are very lucky to have Cricket coaching this term with Kent Cricket Club.

READING - Click on the attachment below to see a list of age appropriate books. Each book is a high quality text which you could enjoy at home or share with your grown-ups. Let us know if you read any of the books and whether you would recommend them to your friends!


Strategic games develop problem-solving, logical thinking and planning skills as well as being good fun!


Click on the links below for some of the resources to play the games at home.




Factors and Multiples Game



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