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Honeycrisp - Year 1

Welcome to Honeycrisp's class page

Please visit our page regularly to keep up to date with all of the exciting learning we have been doing. 

This year Honeycrisp will be taught by myself - Mrs Marsh and Mrs Peters, who is our student teacher. We are also very lucky to have Mrs Evans as our TA, along with Mrs Booker, Mrs Cameron and Miss Springett as our 1:1 learning supports. 


Useful Information

- We will be having P.E on Mondays and Fridays. Children need to wear suitable P.E clothing and footwear, for outdoor sessions, to school on Mondays and Fridays. 

- A named water bottle, filled with water, to be in school everyday. We have access to drinking water in the classroom and will re-fill bottles when required.

- No toys from home to be brought into school.



Reading is very important and as a school we promote a high standard at all times. Please help your child reach their potential by hearing them read every day. You may find the following sequence helpful:

- Discuss the front cover, the title and what the book might be about.

- Look at the pictures and encourage your child to read the words. They may not know them all but always praise them for having a go.

- At the end of the reading time, ask your child to tell you what has happened in the book so far.

- Ask them some questions about their reading or get them to make up a question to ask you.

- Then make a note/sign in their reading records.

- Children will change their own reading books once they have read them with an adult, so don't be surprised if they bring the same book home more than once. 


I have included the link below which gives a selection of age appropriate books that your child may enjoy reading.






The following link contains books which your children might enjoy. 

Show and Tell

To enable the children to become more confident with speaking in front of larger groups, we will be having show and tell sessions 4 days a week. Each child will have the opportunity to bring something in from home, which they can share with the class. Once the children have explained what they have chosen to bring in and why, they can answer questions from their peers. This also encourage active listening and formulating question sentences. The groups are as follows:

Woodpeckers - Monday

Magpies - Tuesday 

Robins - Wednesday 

Goldfinches - Thursday

Term 3 & 4 Plants, Animals and Me

This week's sports star is...

This week we have been learning about birds. We have discussed the features of a bird: beaks, wings, feathers and that they lay eggs. We then learnt some facts about our house birds. Everyone drew a careful picture of their house bird and then we added it to the tree outside our classroom. 

We have been working hard to write poems about the Winter. We used our senses to describe what we could: see, smell, taste, hear and feel in the Winter. Once we had written our poems we neatly wrote them on snow globes. 

For Singing Hands this term we are learning This Is Me. We are learning to sing the words and practise the actions. I have included the link so that you can practise at home too. 

Makaton CarPark Karaoke - This is Me - Singing Hands

Here is the Singing Hands interpretation of THIS IS ME - from the Greatest Showman soundtrack - such a powerful, emotive song for our SEN community! #Makato...

Each week after PE, Mr Rees chooses someone to be the sports star. He chooses someone who participates well in the lesson, who follows instructions well and tries their best. At the end of the lesson he gives them a medal to wear for the rest of the day. 


Our first Sports Star was...

We had a great time today drawing self portraits. I am really impressed with the children's attention to detail and the care they have put into their pictures. 

Term 2 - Toys

Remember, remember the 5th of November...


We remembered bonfire night by creating magnificent firework pictures using oil pastels and glitter. Whilst we were creating our images, we listened to a firework display. 

Some of the class made 3D rockets, which are hung from the ceiling. The rest of the class wrote a cinquain poem to describe fireworks.

For Remembrance Day we learnt about why we remember the soldiers and animals who lost their lives in the war. As part of our learning we read and learnt some of the verses from Robert Laurence Binyon's poem "For the Fallen"


They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun

and in the morning

We will remember them.


We also each collaged a poppy to take home as a reminder of this day.

We have been using our observational skills to draw toys from the past. Each child selected one of the following toys to draw: a wooden ball and cup, a teddy bear, a rocking horse or Russian dolls. We then carefully looked at the detail before drawing and colouring the toys. We think they look great!

As part of our Maths, we have been learning about 2D shapes. We went on a shape hunt around our school - we found so many shapes!


Ask adults in your family:

What was your favourite toy when you were younger?

Which material was it made from?

Do children still play with it today?

Where did you get it from?

He's back!!! We were very excited to come into school today to find our naughty elf has returned. I wonder what sort of mischief he will get up to this year!

Day 1

These two were very excited their names were pulled from the bag first. They got to choose a candy cane from the tree.


Our advent calendar book today was... Cinderella!

Our cheeky elf was busy last night. He has hung bunting up all around our classroom!

Day 2 - Our next two children were excited it was their turn to choose a candy cane from the Christmas tree.


Our advent book today was... The Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar

We took our candy canes to the whole school Christmas tree. We choose where we would like our decorations to hang. 

We had an exciting walk to the postbox to post our letters to Father Christmas. We had to wrap up warm because it was very chilly. Let's hope we get a reply.

We had a class vote to decide on the name of our elf. The name we chose is...

Mr Lemon!

Day 3 - We had 2 very excited children choosing their candy canes today. 


Our advent book today was... Little Red Riding Hood.

Mr Lemon enjoyed making his name out of lemons.

We had a busy morning catching up with our advent candy canes and advent books. 

This morning we had lots of very excited children choosing their candy canes. 


Our stories from our advent calendar were... The Emperor and the Nightingale, The Three Little Pigs and The Nutcracker. 

Mr Lemon was a little pickle over the weekend. He trapped Rabbit and Paddington in toilet roll around the board. It took the adults a long time to free them.

Day 7 - Today we were excited to find out who was choosing a candy cane today. 


Our advent story today was... The Gingerbread Man.

We have really enjoyed our advent stories so far. We have discussed the stories and compared them to other versions of the stories we have heard before. 

Today Mr Lemon went for a ride on a reindeer. Unfortunately the reindeers made a mess on Satsuma table. 

Day 8 - We had another two very excited children this morning choosing their candy canes. 


Our advent story book today was.. The Ant and the Grasshopper

We enjoyed reading this story as it was a new story to us all. 

Poor Mr Lemon fell off of the reindeers yesterday and bumped his head. He has to get the first aid kit out and find a plaster.

Day 9 - Our next two children showing off their smiles whilst collecting their candy canes.


Today our advent story was Jack and the Beanstalk.

Mr Lemon made a beautiful snow angel out of snowflake sequins.

Day 10 - We have another excited member of Honeycrisp Class choosing their candy cane. 


Our advent book today was... The Frog Prince.

Mr Lemon had disappeared. When we found him, he was having a snowball fight with his friends.

We had to catch up on choosing our candy canes from the weekend this morning. We had lots of very excited children choosing today.


Our advent books we have read this week are... The Jungle Book, The Twelve Days of Christmas and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The Twelve Days of Christmas was a firm favourite, and yes, we sang the whole lot!

Mr Lemon had a friend join him for tea today.

Day 14 - Two very smiley children chose their candy canes today.


Our advent story today was... The Elves and the Shoemaker.

Mr Lemon and his friend made some beautiful snowflakes today. I think we need to give Mr Lemon's friend a name. What do you think?

We were very proud of Honeycrisp Class as they performed our Christmas song: On a Starry Night. They sang and joined in with the actions in front of the rest of the school with confidence. 

We had a wonderful time sharing our Christmas lunch together!

Day 15 - Today we had two cheeky boys choosing their candy canes from our Christmas tree. 


Our advent book day was... The Wizard of Oz

Mr Lemon was very happy to find out that his friend was given a name. The children suggested some names and then we had a vote. Our new elf is called... Mrs Lime. 


Day 16 - two more children happily chose their candy canes today.


Our advent book was ... The Little Red Hen. 

Mr Lemon and Mrs Lime had fun climbing in the Christmas tree. We think they were trying to eat the candy canes.

Christmas in the forest.

Day 17 - The last little one in Honeycrisp to choose a candy cane had waited all term for her turn. She was very happy this morning.


Our advent book this morning was... The Princess and the Pea

Mr Lemon and Mrs Lime had a very special delivery this morning... A letter from Santa! We were very excited. 

Christmas Party time!!

We have worked hard all term to earn as many house points as we can. 

A  big well done to Evie who earnt the most house points this term!

Term 1 - Location, Location, Location

Our first text this term is Rosie's Walk. Rosie is a chicken who enjoys walking around the farmyard. We have made our own chickens using a variety of resources and techniques. 

Our Chickens