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Hello and welcome to 
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Check back here regularly to see all the fun things we have been up to! For your information, our P.E slots are on a Monday and a Thursday. Your child will need a t-shirt and shorts (or tracksuit bottoms in the winter) and footwear, as we will try and do P.E outside as much as possible. Your child will also have the opportunity to go to Forest school with Miss Hopkins and Mr Rees every other Tuesday afternoon. Please make sure your child is ready on the correct day and that they are wearing appropriate clothing for the weather. Also, all the children have their own water bottle in school so that they have access to a drink at all times. If you have any questions, please feel free to pop into the classroom in the morning or catch me on the playground.

Here's to a fun year ahead!

Term 4 - Where's Honeycrisp?

The (makeshift) Market

The (makeshift) Market 1
The (makeshift) Market 2
The (makeshift) Market 3
The (makeshift) Market 4
The (makeshift) Market 5
We couldn't go to the market this week so we brought the market to us! Miss Standing hid pictures of all the different things the market stalls sell and we went on an adventure! We looked at all of the different 'stalls' and recorded what they sell.
This week we walked to the Duck Pond. It wasn't as far as the Library! We looked at lots of different ducks, morhens and 3 big swans! We fed the ducks and we watched them swimming. They were very pretty. We learnt that the ducks with the green heads were boys and the brown ducks were girls. We drew what we saw and we labelled our pictures. 
This week we walked to the Library. It was a long way! It took us 35 minutes! We hunted for our favourite books and drew the front covers. Miss Standing got a library card so we could all borrow the books. We are going to keep them in school and read them over the next few days. As it is World Book Day this week we are going to write book reviews about the books we borrowed too. 

The park

The park 1
The park 2
The park 3
The park 4
The park 5
The park 6
The park 7
The park 8
The park 9
The park 10
The park 11
The park 12
All through this term we will be exploring our local area. Today we went to the park at the top of the road. We walked in our pairs with our clipbaords and when we got to the park we drew and labelled what we could see. 
Term 3 - Alice in Wonderland

Week 6

Week 6 1
Week 6 2
Week 6 3
Week 6 4
Week 6 5
Week 6 6
Week 6 7
Week 6 8
Week 6 9
Week 6 10
Week 6 11
Week 6 12
Week 6 13
Week 6 14
We have been doing top secret work this week to get ready for next term...
This week we have done a mini DT project. We designed Mad Hatter's hats to wear to our Mad Hatter's tea party. We started by doing some research and looking at different hat designs. Then we designed our own hat to make out of cardboard. After we had made the inital hat shape we decorated our hats following our plans. Finally, we got to wear our hats to the Mad Hatter's tea party where we played games and ate lots of yummy food. Thank you everyone who contributed food so that we could have a lovely tea party to celebrate the end of our Alice in Wonderland topic.
Over the last few weeks we have been writing our own versions of Alice in Wonderland. We created our own characters for Alice to meet and we took them on a little adventure. We then took our stories to Year 2 to share them. Year 2 were very impressed with our stories and will hopefully be sharing their own stories with us soon.

Week 2

Week 2 1 Science: Plants and Trees
Week 2 2 PSHE: Say No To Bullying
Week 2 3 Alice in Wonderland

We have been working really hard this week and our work is up all over the classroom to prove it! 


Science: Plants and Trees

We have started a new Topic in Science this term which is all about plants and trees. We started by talking about the different parts of a tree and we drew and labelled a picture. We then thought about the uses of the different parts of the tree. We learnt lots of interesting facts about what the different bits of the tree was used for.


PSHE: Say No To Bullying

In PSHE this term we are looking at Bullying and how it makes us feel. Miss Standing gave us different scenarios and we have to draw a face to show how we would feel if that happened to us. We talked about how bullying makes different people and what it means to be bullied. We also learnt who we should talk to if we are being bullied so that we can keep ourselves and each other safe.


Alice In Wonderland

OUr Topic this term is full of imagination and describing different things so this week we looked at the setting. When Alice first arrived in Wonderland she came across a forest. Miss Standing read us a paragraph from the book which described the forest and we had to draw from what she was saying. We must have listened really well because our pictures all looked very similar! Once we had drawn the picture we wrote our own descriptions for the pictures.

Week 1

Week 1 1
Week 1 2
Week 1 3
This week we have started our new topic...Alice in Wonderland. We have been looking at the main characters and describing them. We now know all about Alice and the White Rabbit.
Term 2 - Let's Celebrate...


Christmas 1
Christmas 2
Christmas 3
Christmas 4

We have started celebrating Christmas this week and it is safe to say Christmas has well and truly arrived in our classroom! We have a Christmas tree and on Monday a naughty elf arrived in it with a camera from Santa! The elf's name is Elfie and he keeps being naughty! He keeps escaping and getting up to mischief! 


We have been thinking about the Polar Express story this week. First we drew and labelled pictures to show the charaters, then we made a story mountain to map the story and finally we wrote our own version of the story to go on our display board.


We made our own Christmas tree with paper plates and decorated our own baubles to go on the tree! We decided the bottom of the board looked a bit bare so we made elf houses from our leftover paper plates!


We are also lucky enough to have 2 advent calendars. Our chimney advent calendar has all our pictures hidden under bricks and when we rip off a number, the person underneath gets a christmas present from under the tree! Our tree advent calendar is full of lollies and Miss Standing picks who has been the most well behaved to have them!


Thanksgiving 1
Thanksgiving 2
Thanksgiving 3
Thanksgiving 4
Thanksgiving 5
Thanksgiving 6
Thanksgiving 7
Thanksgiving 8
Thanksgiving 9
Thanksgiving 10
Thanksgiving 11
Thanksgiving 12
This week we have been learning about Thanksgiving, which is celebrated in America. We thought about what we had to be thankful for and who we wanted to thank. We wrote thank you letters to important people in our lives and planned a thanksgiving meal for them with traditional thanksgiving food.


Birthdays 1
This week we were talking about birthdays! We started by making a mindmap to record our ideas about birthday celebrations and then we made them into full sentences. We discovered that we all celebrate birthdays in different ways but that everyone likes presents and cake! We have been busy writing about birthdays as well and we did two pieces of writing in one day: a peice of writing about how we celebrate and a description of our favourite present! We also make our own boxes for presents!

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 1
Remembrance Day 2
Remembrance Day 3
Remembrance Day 4
Remembrance Day 5
Remembrance Day 6
Remembrance Day 7
Remembrance Day 8
Remembrance Day 9
Remembrance Day 10
Remembrance Day 11
This week we have been learning about Remembrance Day. We learnt all about the history behind it and thought about the soldiers who fought in the wars to help us. We made poppy wreaths to remember them.

Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night 1
Bonfire Night 2
Bonfire Night 3
Bonfire Night 4
Bonfire Night 5
Bonfire Night 6
Bonfire Night 7
Bonfire Night 8
Bonfire Night 9
Bonfire Night 10
Bonfire Night 11
Bonfire Night 12
Bonfire Night 13
Bonfire Night 14
Bonfire Night 15
Bonfire Night 16
Bonfire Night 17
Bonfire Night 18

This week we have been looking at Bonfire Night and learning about the story of Guy Fawkes. We heard all about the Gunpowder plot and how Guy Fawkes wanted to kill King James! Now we get to have lots of firework displays and bonfires to celebrate. 


We have also been looking at the artist Jackson Pollock and have learnt how to drip paint in his style. We thought they looked just like fireworks in a night sky. It was great fun and we go very messy!


Diwali 1
Diwali 2
Diwali 3
Diwali 4
Diwali 5
Diwali 6
Diwali 7
Diwali 8
Diwali 9
Diwali 10
Diwali 11
This week we have started our celebrations topic by looking at Diwali. We learnt that Diwali started being celebrated in India by the Hindus and the Sikhs - they call it the Festival of Light. We learnt all about the origin of Diwali and the story of Prince Rama and his wife Sita and how they battled the demon King Ravana. We made Diwali lamps (called Diyas) to represent the lights that Rama and Sita used to light their way home from the banished lands.


Halloween 1
Our second celebration was Halloween! We talked about the costumes we were going to wear and used adjectives to describe them. The day after Halloween we wrote a recount to say what we did when we went trick or treating! We also did Halloween crafts; 3D paper pumpkins, sponge painting silhouettes and designing pumpkin faces. 
Term 1 - The BFG
To finish our topic this term we designed and made dream jars! We filled them with lots of pretty dreams and lights so that you can see them even when it is dark.

Week 6

Week 6 1
Week 6 2
Week 6 3
Week 6 4
Week 6 5
Week 6 6
Week 6 7
Week 6 8
Week 6 9
Week 6 10
Week 6 11
Week 6 12
Week 6 13
This week we have finished our dream jars! We have worked through a process to make them as neat as possible and our final copy has gone onto the wall. We are all very proud of ourselves because we have worked really hard. Miss Standing has seen lots of improvements over the last week and she is very happy! 
This week we have been looking at the BFG's dream jars! new learnt that he loves to give children good dreams (he is a Big Friendly Giant). We have spent our topic lessons writing dreams for our friends and our art lesson painting dream jars to display them on. We learnt how to make paint lighter by adding a little bit of white to our colour. Bit by bit we made our dream jars fade from colour to white. Check back next week to see what the finished product looks like!
This week we planned and made our own version of Frobscottle. We chose ingredients as a class and then planned our drink. We picked different amounts of each ingredient and followed our plans to make our drinks. Everybody's drink turned out slightly different but we had lots of fun trying them and evaluating our creations. We then used lots of describing words to tell each other all about our drinks.
We have been learning all about what they BFG likes to eat and drink this week. We decided it would be fun to try the BFG's fizzy Frobscottle drink for ourselves so Miss Standing made it for us. There were lots of different ingredients and we helped her to follow the instructions so that she could make it. Most of us were super brave and tried it, and even better...most of us liked it! Next week we are going to have a go at making our own version!

Week 2

Week 2 1
Week 2 2
We have started our first topic this week and we are really enjoying learning all about the BFG! We have spent lots of time thinking about what he looks like and describing him. After we had completed our descriptions Miss Standing read one out and we had to draw what she said! We all had slightly different pictures but they were all very similar. They all had: long legs with short green trouser, a white shirt with no collar, brown shoes with holes in them, a dirty brown waistcoat and huge ears! We also made dream catchers to go on our big topic board to help the BFG catch his dreams!

Week 1

Week 1 1
Week 1 2
Hello and welcome back! We have had a lovely few days settling into Year 1! We have been learning all about how Year 1 works and we have started to make the classroom our own. We decorated puzzle pieces and thought about all the things that are important to us. We also thought about the year ahead and what we wanted to learn. As a class we made an aspirations tree with leaves saying what we want to be when we grow up and what we want to get better at in Year 1.
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