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On this page you will find weekly updates showing how much fun we have been having and all the things we have been learning!


A couple of reminders:

- We are trying to limit the amount of things travelling between home and school so please leave bookbags at home

- Your child will need a named water bottle in school which will be sent home daily

- Thursday is our PE day, please make sure your child comes in wearing suitable outdoor PE kit


I am very much looking forward to spending this year, learning alongside your children. If you have any questions, please ring the office and I will do my best to answer them for you!

Here is a list of possible books that you may enjoy to share with your child.

Term 6

We have had a great final week of the school year, celebrating how much we have achieved. This year may have been rocky, but we have loved every minute of it. Thank you for a wonderful year Honeycrisp class. See you in Year 2 in September! Enjoy a well deserved break


Miss Standing x

We had a great afternoon this week for our 'Rainbow Reward Time' to celebrate our fantastic writing. Every single one of us got some time but some of us got nearly an hour! We had the wall bars out in the hall. We had so much fun!

We have now moved onto our final mini block this term and we are doing computing. This week we have been focusing on basic computer operation skills. We have learnt to log on, open up the internet and search for a website. We then had great fun exploring a online sketchpad. I have attached the link below...

We also had great fun taking part in our Sports Day activities this week. It was a shame that we couldn't share it with you, but here are some great action shots courtesy of Mrs Andrews!

In our DT this week we have been learning about structures. We designed and made a windmill for a mouse! The little mouse with clogs on who lived in Old Amsterdam! Our windmills are made up of a structure, an axel and a turbine.

We had an amazing visit from the Fantastic Fred bus this week. We got to spend half an hour with the Professor and Fred and they taught us all about good mental health! We learnt lots of things and it was really funny!

Week 3

What a way to start the week! Well done to Layla for achieving her white Ninja Maths band!

This week we were focusing on DT and we made smoothies! We tasted lots of different fruit and vegetables and then chose which combination we liked best. We then made them as a class. We gave Miss Standing the instructions and she peeled and cut all the ingredients. We each got to have a go at blending it up! There were lots of great colours that we saw and everything smelt lovely. We finally got to try the smoothies. They were delicious. 

Week 2

Still image for this video

To end our mini Music block we tied what we had learnt together and performed our composition! We practiced first and we were very proud of our performance.

Week 1

For the next 2 weeks we are going to be doing Music. This week we have learnt 5 new words.
Pitch - how high or how low a note is
Tempo - how fast or how low music is
Compose - to make up our own music
Perform - to show a group of people something we have done
Pattern - when something is repeated


We have been creating our own pitch patterns and experimenting with different tempos to tell a musical story.

In our English this term we are building up to writing our own stories. We have started by story mapping and retelling one of our favourite stories: The Three Little Pigs. We have had great fun telling our stories to each other.

Term 5

Week 6

Our beautiful butterflies are all grown up so we released them into the wild!

We have done such a good job of growing our bean plants that they are now too big for our classroom!

Through their writing the children have been working hard on their rainbow target. Each time they meet their target they earn 5 minutes of rainbow time. Then at the end of each term they get to pick a treat for the amount of time they have earned. This term they asked for 2 things: play equipment on the field and taking selfies! So that is what we did!

Week 5

It's happening! They're hatching!!

We had great fun with Mr Rees in our P.E. lessons this week. We got to show off all of the football skills we have been practicing. He was very impressed!

We have been really struggling to get going in the morning at the moment so we have been using the Kids Bop Zumba videos to get us moving.

34 Minutes of KIDZ BOP Dance Along Videos

Dance along to 34 MINUTES of KIDZ BOP dance along videos with The KIDZ BOP Kids!💿"KIDZ BOP All-Time Greatest Hits" AVAILABLE NOW:🛍️...

Week 3

We have seen some great progress in the growth of our plants over the last picture. They are getting so tall.

We have also enjoyed watching our caterpillars change into a chrysalis. Soon we will be able to put them in a net! 

A HUGE well done to Marin on achieving his yellow Ninja Maths band. We are so proud of you!

Week 2

We have updated our display boards this week and our classroom is looking great!

Week 1

As we are going to be focusing on Science this term, we thought it would be a good idea to get our outside area in good shape! We have spent lots of time outside this week prepping the ground to do some planting.

We learnt to use our Science observation goggles and look really closely at different things in the garden.

We also planted some runner beans and some sunflower seeds. We learnt all about what plants need to grow and we did an experiment to see what would happen if the seed didn't get everything it needed. We learnt how to make predictions about the outcome of our experiment. We will keep you up to date with what happens!

Term 4

We have had a lovely last day of term today! We celebrated how hard we have worked with an Easter egg hunt! It was well deserved! You have all worked so hard this term and I am SO proud of how you have all settled back into school. Your attitude to learning is fantastic and you are making great progress. Have a lovely time off, eat lots of chocolate, and I look forward to seeing you all next term!


Miss Standing x

Week 4

This week we were very lucky to have a speed stacking masterclass from Mr Rees! We all had great fun and learnt to do a 3-6-3. Miss Hook and Miss Standing raced at the end and Miss Standing won! Miss Hook kept getting disqualified! 
For the last 2 weeks we have been learning about different animals. Our favourite animal we have learnt about is the Anaconda! We learnt that they are 8.33m long! This was hard for us to visualise so we measured it in children! It filled our whole classroom! Poor Alfie's head was out the door it was that long!
We had our first Ninja Maths band achiever this week! Well done Marin on achieving your white band. We are very proud of you!
Our story of the week this week continued our Jungle theme! It was a very funny one - all about bottoms!

WE ARE BACK! Goodbye google classroom and hello to all of your lovely faces! It has been so good to see you all this week and I am thrilled to be back in the classroom with you. You have settled back in so well and made me so proud this week. We have had a busy week and you have taken it all in your stride! Well done everyone. Here's to another great week!


Miss S x

Week 3

For the rest of this term our topic will be 'Rumble in the Jungle'. Therefore, what better book to start our weekly stories with, than Rumble in the Jungle. We have chosen some great words this week.
Term 3

We miss you!

Well...this is not the way we wanted to start Term 3! However, I thought I would just put a little message on here to let you know that we are still here and we are missing you loads! I hope that you have had a good Christmas and I look forward to learning with you over the next few weeks. Hopefully it won't be too long and we will be back together. 


Love from

Miss Standing, Miss Hook and Mrs Pilbeam xxx

Term 2 - Week 5

On Tuesday we had a very exciting delivery! We had a letter all the way from the North Pole...from Santa! He sent us a Santa cam so that we could show him how good we were all being but there was a problem! He was missing his naughtiest elf - Barry! It turns out that Barry had snuck in with the post and was hiding in our classroom.
This week Barry the elf has got up to lots of mischief! He ate Miss Standing's chocolate (but he did bring us some Christmas books so we let him off) and he made a nest in the baubles so we had to decorate the Christmas tree. He also had a tea party in the dolls house! Cheeky Barry.
Christmas has officially arrived in Honeycrisp class. We had great fun decorating the tree!
We are really enjoying our Christmas advent display! Everyone has a picture hidden under a brick on the chimney and each day we pick someone to pull off a brick and the person hidden underneath gets their Christmas gift from Miss Standing, Mrs Pilbeam and Miss Hook.
In our Geography lessons this week we have been looking at Faversham. We made a giant map as a class and talked about where different places are in Faversham. 
Our Story of the Week this week was Happy Town. On Friday we were lucky enough to have it read to us by our new Star of the Week.

Term 2 - Week 4

This week we enjoyed a new book by Julia Donaldson about a detective dog! She solved a crime and taught a thief the right way to behave. We thought about lots of new words and we are getting very good at giving a definition.

Term 2 - Week 3

This week we had great fun in our P.E. lesson. The weather was horrible so we cleared our classroom and did some dancing. We followed a zumba video for children on Miss Standing's board and it was really fun! Some of the moves were tricky and some were easy! We had to keep going for 34 minutes. We were really hot by the end and needed a big drink. The more dancing we did, the easier we found the moves to copy!

Kids bop zumba

Here is the video if you want to have a go at home!

This week our Story of the Week was one none of us had read before! 

Term 2 - Week 2

Miss Standing has been terrible at taking pictures this week and it is only thanks to Mrs Pilbeam that we have a story of the week. 


Our story of the week this week was Night Monkey Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson. We love Julia Donaldson and her rhyming books.

Term 2 - Week 1

This week as a whole school we have been celebrating Black History Month by learning about different influential people in British Black History. Each class has created a display in our pop up museum. On Friday morning we got a chance to visit the museum and look at all the learning that has been happening over the last week.
This was our contribution to the museum. We learnt about the work of Martin Luther King and Paul Stephenson. They both protested for equality, regardless of skin colour or race. We learnt about their lives and we thought about the message of their peaceful protests. Thanks to their hard work and devotion this is not something that happens in the same way anymore. We also thought about our dreams for the world and we came up with some lovely, well thought out ideas.
This week our Story of the Week was Wonky Donkey. We really enjoyed this book as it had lots of funny words in it! It really made us laugh! We thought about the definitions of 5 new words, some we knew and some we didn't. We also discovered that there is a video on YouTube with a song!  


Wonky Donkey song unofficial music video Craig Smith animation

Term 1 - Week 7

Miss Standing has FINALLY put up our Art work from when we were exploring line. 
We used one of our favourite books for the Story of the Week this week. SUPERWORM! We learnt lots of new words this week...even Mrs Pilbeam needed to look one up! This just shows that we are all learning together!

This term we have been focusing on Under the Sea. At the beginning of the term we picked our favourite sea animal and wrote about them. This week we have done the same activity and the difference in our writing is INCREDIBLE! You should all be very proud of yourself! We are definitely proud of you!

Miss Standing x

We were very lucky that for our P.E lesson this week we were taught by Mr Rees our sports leader. He helped us to take part in a virtual football competition. It gave us a chance to show off the skills we have been learning in this term. We had to dribble the ball and keep control of it between 2 cones. We then had to stop it correctly so that the next person could take over. Mr Rees filmed us and he will be now be able to compare it the other Year 1 classes taking part. We all had a great time and tried our hardest - which was impressive considering it was FREEZING! 
This week Miss Standing picked a story that we didn't know! However, by the end of the week we were all joining in with the noises and some of the repeated phrases. It was a great book and it gave us lots of new words to think about. Even Miss Standing had to look up the word 'caper'!

Term 1 - Week 5

This week in our Art lessons we have been looking at line and the different ways we can use it. We explored straight and wavy lines and looked at the different ways we could manipulate a piece of string. Then we used our observation skills to recreate our lines in different mediums. We used paint, chalk, crayon and colouring pencils so now we have 4 different coloured representations of our lines. Check back next week to see it displayed on our Art wall in the classroom.
This week our story of the week was 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. We really enjoyed this book and we even came up with some actions to help us remember the words. By Friday we could all tell the story without any help from Miss Standing. 

Term 1 - Week 4

Our story of the week this week was 'Aliens Love Underpants'. We loved this book and we thought it was really funny. We made some stick puppets to use for our own story and we also designed our own pants!

In Art, Year 1 have been learning about one of the formal elements of Art: shape.


We have been looking at the work of Biatriz Milhazes and using her work as inspiration to create our own abstract compositions with circles.


We experimented with different arrangements of the circles and when we were happy with our composition we stuck the circles down.


To make some of the circles stand out we added black outlines using marker pen.


Our final compositions will be displayed in the main entrance of the school.

Term 1 - Week 3

This term our theme is 'Under the Sea'. We made paper plate fish using the pointillism technique we have been working on and we also discussed our favourite sea creatures and wrote simple sentences about them.
Look at all the sounds we have been learning and practising in our Phonics sessions!
This week we have also been looking at the story of the Gruffalo. We have read the book everyday and we have been picking out new vocabulary that we don't know. This week we have learnt 5 new words! I wonder if you can remember what they mean? All of us can tell the story on our own now as well.

Term 1 - Week 2

This week we made the classroom our own by painting self portraits. We thought about the different colours that we needed and what different shapes we could see in our bodies. We also wrote a little bit about ourselves. We thought about our likes and dislikes and how used our sounds to try and write them down.

Term 1 - Week 1

Hello everybody and welcome back to a new school year! We have had a lovely week settling into Year 1. We have been looking at some basic sounds and number skills but mostly we have just been having fun! We made a giant rainbow to go on our Art board and we copied the style of a famous artist who we are going to learn about next week! I hope everyone has had a lovely first week back. I bet you are tired, I know I am, and I look forward to seeing you on Monday for another fun filled week in Honeycrisp. Have a lovely weekend.


Miss Standing x

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