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Our group currently consists of three members.


Claire Seager- I have a son Hayden in Honeycrisp class, I have joined the parent council to help parents to communicate with school. I am on the playground daily if you would like information on the parent council.


Hannah Newington- I have a son Nathaniel in Pippin class and joined the parent council so I could get to know other parents and become involved in my sons education. I am an Occupational Therapist and work 4 days a week in a busy team, this challenges me daily and I hope that the skills I have developed within my job will help me in this role.


Marci Thompson- Hello I am Marci and I have currently have two daughters at school, Kayleigh and Zoe, in years 2 and 3.

I am a leader for a girl guiding group, rainbow group which gives me experience with girls aged 5-7. I also am a member of the Faversham gunpowder W.I., where I am able to get involved with local matters and also eat lots of cake! I can usually be found on the playground daily. Monday is the best day to catch me.


We are still looking for volunteers to join our parent council, we meet once term and have an end of year closing meeting. Please ask any member or Mr. Harrison for any information regarding joining the parent council.  

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