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School opening to more pupils

Following the government request for primary schools to open more widely, we have contacted families from the Pre-school, Reception, Year 1 & Year 6 classes. Anyone from Pre-school who confirmed they wanted their child to return has been contacted to arrange their start time for Monday 1st June.

Families from the other classes listed above, who wanted their child to return, will be phoned on Monday to plan a return on Tuesday 2nd June.

Later in the week the families who were uncertain about their child returning will be contacted to go through the detail of what we are offering and making school as safe as possible.

Our plan to reduce risk has 4 main points:

  1. Anyone who has symptoms of Covid must not be on site
  2. Children and staff will be in separate small groups which will not mix - groups will be outside as much as possible
  3. More frequent cleaning will happen throughout the day and some resources have been removed
  4. Particular attention will be paid to personal hygiene

Unless your child's return has been agreed with the school, they must not return. This is to ensure the groups in their protective, separate 'bubbles' do not get too large.

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