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Ninja Maths

 Ninja Maths gives our pupils the opportunity to rapidly recall multiplication facts out of sequence, answer multiplication questions in a written format and practise and learn number bonds. 


To move to the next band, pupils must achieve 54 out of 56 in 2 minutes on both multiplication and number bonds. These pupils are then tested by the ‘Question Masters’ (pupils from any year group who have achieved the black band or above) in front of the whole school in our Ninja Maths assemblies. Only after the ‘Question Master’s’ questions have been answered correctly will they be awarded their coloured band.  


2 x      and number bonds of 10                      white

10 x    and number bonds of 9 and 11            yellow

5 x      and number bonds of 8 and 12            orange

3 x      and number bonds of 7 and 13            green

4 x      and number bonds of 6 and 14            purple

8 x      and number bonds of 5 and 15            blue

6 x      and number bonds of 16 and 18          red

7 x      and number bonds of 17 and 19          brown

9 x     and any number bond pair to 20           black


Master (gold)- which is a mix of all the tables and any number bonds pair to 100, has to be done in 90 seconds. 


Bysing Wood Ninja Bands Expectations by the end of each year group:


The National Curriculum suggests that by the end of Year 3, children should be fluent in the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 times tables and at the end of Year 4 pupils will take a Multiplication Tables Check (see document below). 


End of Year 1 - White band

End of Year 2 – Yellow and Orange band

End of Year 3 – Green, Purple and Blue

End of Year 4- Red, Brown and Black

End of Year 5- Master


Pupils are encouraged to practise daily at home. Please find below each Ninja Maths band sheet which can be printed off and practised. 



End of Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check

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