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This is where you can keep up to date on what we have been learning and share in our achievements and successes!


Our teachers:

We have had a great first term in Reception!

Here are some of the things that we have been up to:

We love dressing up!

Pippin class art display

We were all excited to dress up on our last day of term!

Welcome to Pippin Class – your first year at school!

We had a great first week settling into school. We spent lots of time outside exploring and playing... We used different blocks, bricks and crates to build. We had a go at drawing and writing on paper and whiteboards. We worked together to scoop sand into containers and build sand castles. We investigated as we dug in the soil. We role-played as pirates in a pirate ship with flags and treasure. We had lots of fun water play as we washed toys and made spaghetti soup. We used toy diggers to scoop and build with rice krispies. We especially enjoyed lots of running around, riding bikes and climbing.

Here are some photos showing some of the fun we had during our first week!


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