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Pippin - Reception

Spring blooms and snail races.

Planting potatoes in bags.

Planting up! April 23 beetroot and broccoli.

individual sunflower seed planting and painting pots.

Star of the week.

Easter Egg Hunt and Party with Chiffchaffs

Star of the week

Our trip to the park.

Past and Present - Growing up

Mastering number

People who help us in school - Office staff

Star of the week.

Swim star!


Term 3 : Winter Wonderland

Arctic Igloos

Chinese New Year Year of the Rabbit

Drama Workshop - The Circus

Pictures and writing about Blue Whale

Reading in class

Can you say and write a sentence about Penguins. Use the picture to help you.

Lost and Found - Penguins

P.E Big apparatus

Eric Carle Artwork

Art Days - Eric Carle Butterflies

Book ideas for Reception age

Children in need - Bear business, Art and Design.

Bear Business for Children in Need and a Joe Wicks work out!

Week 3 Smeds and Smoos

Term 2 Week 2 Zog models and craft, Math's Makes Sense and Continuous Provision.