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Russet - Year 4

Teaching Assistants:

Mr Stearn (class) 

Mrs Chance (1:1)
Mrs Booker (1:1)



Here you will find lots of information about our class and things to remember. You will also be able to find out
about what we have been doing in lessons.

Don't forget that we also have our amazing Google Classroom Page too. 



Things to remember



  • Log in to TTRS often and ready DAILY.
  • Please wear your P.E. kit to school every Tuesday and Friday.
  • You can still bring your own pencil cases and stationary equipment into
  • school with you, but it is your responsibility to look after these.
  • Our Forset School sessions will be every Friday morning. The class will be 
    split into two groups; you will be informed of which groups and the dates your child 
    will attend forest school with a letter. 
  • Please ensure you child brings a named water bottle into school for
    class use, it must only contain water, we can replace and refill when needed. 
  • If you have any worries or concerns, please come to see me or you
    can email the office to pass on a message, or send a private message
    on Google Classroom if you need to speak to me and I will do all I can to help you.


Your child needs to read at home to someone every night (either a parent/carer or any family member), make sure to date and sign the reading record book and send it back to school every week day to be checked. This will also mean they get another roll in our class reward monopoly game on a Friday.

Term 2 - Roman Britain 

Roman Museum Coin Minting

Very noisily, all the children minted a coin of Roman Emperor Honorius, who was the last Emperor of Roman Britain (AD 393 to 423). The original coin was found at Richborough Roman Fort, near Sandwich nearly 100 years ago and is now in the museum collection.

Roman Technology at the Museum - They used this mill to grind grains into flour to make sweet bread

We had great fun dressing up as Roman Soldiers using these replicas.

A selection of pictures for the children to share with your their new learning from our trip ...

What did the Roman Britain's send by boat over to Rome to be eaten? 

What were pins made out of? 
What were the stacks of tiles used for?

TERM 1 - Mexico 

Term 1, Geography: we are discovering new knowledge and using geographical skills to explore Mexico in South America

In week 1, we practiced our running skills on 'springy feet' by trying to keep the newspaper on our body without touching it. We had to be careful about any sudden change of direction, and aim to keep our pace consistent so we didn't drop, or rip our paper. Exhausted by week 2, we had a challenge to pass the course as many times as possible in two teams, which included crawling under a parachute! We have been having great fun building up our stamina. 

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