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Our science learning is based around investigation skills, demonstrations and practical experiments. This was a demonstration which allowed pupils in Key Stage 2 to examine evidence for a chemical change having occurred.
And it was great fun!

In September 2016 we started to use Empiribox as our vehicle for providing exciting, high quality, practical science learning. Find out more at

This will mean that the science coverage outlined on our 'jigsaw' curriculum overviews will be covered over the course of 2 years (for Year 1&2) or 4 years (for Years 3 to 6).

For every class each seasonal term is dedicated to learning within one of the three sciences - Physics, Chemistry and Biology, alongside specific investigation skills. For example, up until Christmas this year Years 3 to 6 have been focusing on forces within Physics whilst becoming better at planning investigations. See what has been going on by visiting the class pages...

All of the teachers had training, on the first day of term, with colleagues from some some of our collaboration schools. We planned and made a balloon powered car - it went the furthest when tested (and Miss Marsh & Mrs Harmer were quite excited!)


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