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Spartan - Year 5

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Spartan Class Team

Mrs Harmer, Class Teacher (Monday to Friday)

Mrs Kirkness, Class Teacher (Wednesday to Friday)

Mrs Hogan, Class Teaching Assistant (Monday to Friday)

Mr Grainger, 1:1 Teaching Assistant (Monday to Friday)


Spartan Useful Information


  • Please hear your child read every night, then sign and date their reading record book please.
  • Please get your child to log on to Times Tables Rock Stars at home and practice their times tables 3 to 4 times a week. We will also access this in class.
  • Our Google Classroom is set up for use in school time and at home. Please only complete the work for homework under the heading 'Independent Learning/Homework. A task will be set termly.



Our P.E lessons for Term 5 are every Tuesday (PM) and Thursday (AM).

Tues: Rounders

Thurs: Wear P.E kit for Tag Rugby unless in Forest School.

All children on a Thursday need to bring School uniform to change into for the afternoon.

We will always try to give you as much notice as possible if there are any changes to this. 

Please send your child into school wearing their P.E kit for the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Forest School:

Our class Forest School sessions are every Thursday, depending on which group your child is in. Please ask if you are unsure.

Friday 30th June- a trip to Faversham library to research Ancient Egypt and the Egyptian

Happy Birthday to Nathan and Tristan for this weekend... thank you both for the delicious cooling treats and cakes!!

Naylen plane project sharing & teaching class to make paper planes

DT - Structures: Bridges Exploring how to reinforce a beam to improve its strength

Happy Birthday to Jason and a HUGE thank you for the generous gift bags for all the class!

Art Days: Impressed Printing - Final Repeating Pattern with Overlays

Art Days: Impressed Printing - Making Repeating Patterns with Overlays

Art: Impressed printing, investigating lino material and practicing lino cutting

Science - Dissolving a solute in a solvent to make a solution

Science: Investigating Materials; Thermal conductors and insulators

Thank you Scarlett for the lovely Easter chocolate cakes! Happy Easter Spartan Class!

Gem Award Winners... Millie and Danny. Well done both of you! We are very proud of you guys!

English Debate: Is Meat Crucial for a Balanced Diet?

Computing Programming Music: Adding a soundtrack

Week 6 Confident Cricketers - Final Session with Mr Harris... Thank You Mr Harris

Spartan Final Product - Bolognese Tasting

Tasting different bolognese sauces - Shop bought verses Homemade

Chance to Shine Cricket Week 4: Ferocious Fielders!

Happy Birthday Joe from all of Spartan class

Still image for this video

New Age Kurling Intra-House Competition Term 4

Computing: Programming Music (Scratch) - We used headphones to add sounds to a scratch programme, we tinkered with pitch, volume, tempo, timbre and fading. We also persevered when we came across bugs and debugged them.

Holi Festival: Celebration of Colour! We were lucky to have Ryan share what Holi is, explain how he celebrates it with his family and answer questions that the rest of the class had. As a class we each wrote a short explanation of Holi and thought about what the different colours mean to us and how they make us feel.

RE - Christian Places of worship and their features (Baptist and Anglican churches)

World Book Day, lots of reading, sharing our favourite books and authors and a special visit to the Book Cafe!

Maths: Data & Measure Lesson - In today's lesson we used stopwatches to time and estimate 60 seconds and record how close we were. We also used trundle wheels to measure distances in metres and cm too!

Chance to Shine Cricket Session 1: Catching!

Our RSE this terms focuses on Citizenship. We had a lesson about what happens when someone breaks the law. We had a mock trial with a: defendant, the defence, the prosecution, witnesses, a judge and a jury. After the court case, the jury decided whether the defendant was guilt or not.

Using place value counters to deepen our understanding of place value to 100,000

Spartan Reward - As a class, Spartans chose the Gymnastics equipment for their reward time! There was a lot of laughing, smilling, rolling, bouncing, climbing, jumping and landing thankfully!

We investigated water resistance in Science this week, we dropped an object into water and timed how long it took to descend. We wanted to find out if changing the shape would affect how quickly it traveled

If God is everywhere- why go to a place of worship? That is the question we are discussing this term in our RE lessons. We started by researching places of worship in different religions and presenting our findings to the rest of the class

We made paper spinners and timed how long they took to fall to the ground.

Times Tables intervention

Spartan's Trip to Dover Museum- Wednesday 7th December 2022


To further enhance our learning about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings, Spartan class visited Dover Museum. Despite the train being a little delayed, the children enjoyed their journey to the museum, spotting local landmarks like Canterbury Cathedral and Dover Castle along the way. When we arrived at the museum, the children were shown how to make the Sutton Hoo helmet from clay. We also took part in an artefacts handling workshop where the children had the opportunity to study Anglo Saxon artefacts and discuss what they were and how they might have been used. After lunch, we were shown the famous 3600 years old Bronze Age Boat. The world's oldest known seagoing boat which was found very close to the museum twenty years ago. 

The children learnt lots and were also able to share their knowledge with the museum staff- who were very impressed! The children had a great time and all the Spartan staff were extremely proud of their behaviour and enthusiasm. 

Ukulele Club

Art - Hundertwasser Pattern and Architecture - Using Oil Pastels

Maths - Data & Measure Lesson - Investigating Standard units of measure (Metric & Imperial)

Term 1 North Africa Homework

Tristan's Project

Speaking and Listening

Researching information about African Savanna Animals

Geography and Science- using a 4-figure grid reference to locate the savanna biome in Africa

Geography - Researching Human Geographical Features in South Africa

Maths - Reading and writing the time using an analogue clockface

Geography Atlas Work - Finding regions of Africa, the equator and the tropics

Geography Atlas Work - Finding countries in Africa

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