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Spartan - Year 5

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Welcome to Spartan Class!



Please ensure that you listen to your child read every night and that they have their PE kit in school.  PE will be on Tuesdays.

Forest school will be on Monday mornings, please ensure that when it is your child's session that they have appropriate clothing. This includes long trousers and a thick long sleeved top, sturdy hiking boots or wellies and waterproofs as the children will be in the forest in all weathers.


Our spellings are set, and tested on Tuesdays, along with our timed Ninja Maths tests so please help your child practice for these to achieve their next goals. 



We hope you enjoy sharing our school journey this year.


Miss Last, Miss Surrey, Mrs Hill, Mrs Holmes, Mrs Hill, Mr Grainger


As a class we are aiming to collect 5,000 points to be rewarded with an awsome end of year party! Our homework (reading nightly, completing spellings and Ninja maths weekyl) gives us an extra 2 points each. So please help us! 
We are currently on 2923 points - you do the math!




Term 6

Our final term before becoming the biggest kids in school!

Our new topic is Mexico. We will be looking at the astounding contrast in biomes within Mexico. We will then be searching deep into the country to explore the native tribes that lived there and how they used to survive. 



Our Rainforest Creatures

Term 5

The days are getting longer, the sun getting brighter and us; we're working harder!

Our new topic is Ancient Greece. We will be looking at the anient fable writer Aesop and using his work to create our own masterpieces. In addition, we will be studying democracy and seeing just how the Anicent worlds have influenced the way we live now. 

Ancient Greek Soap Sculptures

We were offered a range of traditional Greek foods, of which most of us tried - even the gross anchovies! Although some of us really enjoyed them. 


After tasting lots of new, strange things, we split into groups and made Falafel and Honey Cakes. They were all cooked by the afternoon so we got to enjoy our bakes while watching Hercules - A super end to a hard working term!

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