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Rewards & Awards

Rewards and Awards

The children and adults at Bysing Wood are divided into teams and are named after birds. We have Magpies, Robins, Goldfinches and Woodpeckers. The children can earn team points for good work, trying hard, being kind and polite to others and general good manners.


During Celebration Assembly on a Friday, the team with the most points for the week earns two birds, with the second place team earning one bird. These are then added to the Team Display Board. At the end of the term, the team with the most birds wins the termly trophy.






Celebration Assembly


Every Friday aftenoon we hold a Celebration Assembly. Each class has a child chosen as "Star of the week" and the reason for the award is shared with the whole school.


Attendance is rewarded by a visit from Attendance Ted to the class with the highest attendance for the week. Every class reaching 96.2% or better for the week gets a non-school uniform day on the following Friday.


We also have a Bysing Best Award for a pupil who has been spotted demonstrating one of our school values. From January 2017 both pupil and adults can nominate a pupil to be Bysing Best, using the postbox and nomination slips near the values display in the hall.


Pupils can also gain Bronze (25), Silver (50), Gold (100), Diamond (200) and Platinum (400) awards for individual housepoint totals through the year. We also find out which house has won the weekly housepoint trophy and who is in the lead for the termly trophy.

End of year awards

In the final assembly of each year we announce the nominees and winners from each class in 3 categories:


  • Attitude to learning - for excellent behaviour, attendance and determination to improve as a learner
  • Academic achievement - for high standards in curriculum subjects and/or large amounts of progress
  • Quality of presentation - for consistent high standards in neatness of work or huge improvements in neatness


The awards categories will be added to this year to include:

  • Sporting  achievement
  • Creative achievement


The winner gets a medal and the two nominees a certificate. Follow the link below to see who won what in July 2016...

What standards need to be met for being 'green'?

'Green' rewards

This year each pupil in Years 1-6 will meet their teacher at the start of each term to discuss how their learning is going and what they need to do in order to improve, as well as other areas of school life.

They will get a rating for how they did in the previous term for:


  • Attendance in the term
  • Punctuality (being in school on time)
  • Behaviour in class
  • Behaviour at play/lunch
  • Reading at home


Pupils who get a green rating for all areas will get a reward. The ideas for rewards have been put before the School Council who will decide which rewards will be for the terms through the year. We have a long list of possible rewards!

The reward for Term 4 will be an archery workshop in term 5.

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