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Curriculum overview

An Overview of the Bysing Wood Primary School Curriculum 


The Bysing Wood curriculum is largely based on the revised National Curriculum which started in September 2014, as well as the Kent RE syllabus.


  • Our aim is to provide learning experiences that stimulate the interest of our pupils, allow for their questions to be answered and broaden their knowledge of the world.
  • Each term each class has a topic that is used as the vehicle for learning and links together different curriculum subjects.
  • Each topic has planned written outcomes so the pupils are learning to write in a range of genres and in different formats for varying audiences.
  • We aim to have a visit or visitors for each topic.
  • Sometimes there will be a topic title and focus shared by the whole school, at other times the topic title will be shared but linked to different areas in different classes and in some terms there will be totally different topic throughout the school.
  • Each classroom will reflect the topic and subjects being studied over the course of a term - we all put huge effort into displays!
  • Reception learning is similar to the rest of the school, in that the learning is organised into topics, but the aim is to allow pupils to progress to the expected standard of a 'Good Level of Development' by the end of the year.
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