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Rewards & Awards

Rewards and Awards

The children and adults at Bysing Wood are divided into teams and are named after birds. We have Magpies, Robins, Goldfinches and Woodpeckers. The children can earn team points for good work, trying hard, being kind and polite to others and general good manners.

There are termly sports competitions for each class, with house winners. These results feed in to the end of year house sports award trophy and engraved shield.






Celebration Assembly


Every Friday aftenoon we hold a Celebration Assembly. Each class has a child chosen as "Star of the week" and the reason for the award is shared with the whole schooll.

We also celebrate the pupils who have represented our school, find out how they performed and which member of a sports squad is a 'Sports Star', as well as the reason why.

Pupils can also gain individual housepoint totals through the year, which go towards the weekly and termly housepoint trophy awards, announced in celebration assembly.

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