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Vision & Values

Bysing Wood Primary School Vision

The Governing Body and staff of the school will use the vision below as the bedrock for planning for the future of the school and its community.

The aim of Bysing Wood Primary is to provide


A fulfilling, constructive and enjoyable school environment in which every child can find success and become prepared for their future.


We will ensure:

  • A healthy school community, where pupils feel secure and understand how to keep themselves safe
  • A school where everyone has high expectations of each other and shared responsibility, in terms of their conduct, learning and attitude towards school
  • A focus on the process and outcomes regarding pupils’ learning and high standards at the core of all aspects of school life
  • A rich and relevant curriculum that builds on the strengths of the individuals within the school and offers a wide range of sports, arts and strong links with the community
  • A physical environment which is of the highest possible quality to enable our provision
  • High quality extra-curricular provision, including wrap-around care


So that a pupil that leaves our school at the end of Year 6 will:

  • Have self-belief and personal ambition
  • Demonstrate resilience, self-discipline, honesty and the persistence to overcome challenges
  • Have knowledge of and curiosity about the wider world
  • Be organised, punctual and able to function independently
  • Have the communication, emotional intelligence and social skills to be a productive part of a co-operative group
  • Know how to keep themself healthy and safe
  • Be academically prepared for Secondary School

School Values

British Values

Our school values mesh well with learning about what the values of the British nation are. We do this through a range of activities linked to history, geography and PSHE. Also, we celebrate members of our school community who have joined us from different parts of the country and world, enjoy events linked to national celebrations, develop and apply our rules and use democracy to make choices.

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