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School dinners

School Dinners

Your child may either bring a packed lunch from home or have a school dinner. From 1st September 2022 we took over the school dinner preparation in house so the kitchen is run by staff employed by the school and menus will evolve over time to meet the needs of our pupils more closely. We are aiming to provide a range of choices including a vegetarian/vegan option each day.  Please see the current menu above for more details.

School meals are £2.45 per day currently. All children in Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 can have school dinner for free, which is the case across the country.

Pupils tell their teacher in the morning whether they are having a school dinner or packed lunch. Parents who pay for school dinners will be initially be able to pay by card through the school office, which can be done over the phone as well as in person.

It is likely that methods of paying for meals will expand as we get used to running the whole system.


Free school meals


If you receive certain benefits, you can register for your child to get free school meals. For more information speak to the office or apply online.


Please take a few minutes to see if this applies to you.


If your child is in year 2 or below they can get free school meals anyway, but is worth registering for benefits related free school meals in case there is a restart of the food vouchers in the event for future lockdowns.

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