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Phonics and Reading

Bysing Wood has a strong desire to promote a love of reading in all our pupils from Year R to Year 6. Children are encouraged to look at and read a variety of books and texts both at school and at home.



At Bysing Wood Primary School we use a graduated system mainly based around the PM reading scheme which the children begin when they start in Reception. Each pupil chooses their own book from the level they are currently assessed at and changes it as appropriate. Pupils are assessed regularly and move to appropriately challenging levels when they have shown they can understand and fluently decode in their current level. The children may read aloud with a member of staff or volunteer and also take part in daily guided reading sessions. This involves reading an appropriately levelled shared text in groups of about six with the class teacher or T.A. Children are expected to read at home daily with their parents and carers and bring their reading book and completed reading record to school every day. As pupils become more proficient readers, they become ‘free readers’ and select their own texts which they are encouraged to take home and read.



Phonics is an important and integral part of our daily routine at Bysing Wood. We use Letters and Sounds and children are placed in mixed age groups as appropriate to their level of proficiency. When pupils have strong phonic knowledge they move on to spelling lessons. Usually phonics and spellings will be found being taught between 9.10-9.30 am every day.

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