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Working in Partnership

Partnerships with Other Schools


Our school is part of the ‘Rural Swale Collaboration Group’ (RSCG), who, along with six other primary schools, are working together to raise standards and to enhance the teaching and learning across all schools.

The schools in the collaboration are Bysing Wood, Canterbury Road,  Teynham,  Eastling, Rodmersham, Bapchild & Tonge and St Mary of Charity (Faversham) and working alongside one another is enabling us to:

  • Enhance teaching and learning
  • Raise standards in English, Mathematics & Science
  • Share good practice and embed it in our own schools
  • Share resources
  • Share expertise for staff, including subject leaders, in areas such as Early Years, Special Needs, English, Maths, Science and P.E.
  • Provide enrichment activities for pupils - to date there have been workshops for more able writers and mathematicians, access to 'Shakespeare for kids' performances, athletics and football competitions. With more to come this year... 


Partnerships with other organisations

University of Kent Child Development Unit

This year we have linked with this part of the School of Psychology at the university. Our partnership offers us access to specialist training in exchange for being a base for research projects. Find out more by following the link below:

Also, the leaflets below outline the current research running in our school.

Make Lunch

We have hosted the Faversham arm of this organisation during school holidays over the last two years.


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